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Most companies admit their data is poor. We can change this.

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Data Cleansing

We are passionate about quality. We diligently clean data, using what we refer to as our secret blend of cherry picked technology, real people, and methodical procedures.

It is no surprise that poor quality data has a detrimental impact on your business. System reports, clarity to make management decisions, communication, customer retention, and marketing are all casualties of poor data.

Data quality can quickly spiral, usually due to human error and manipulation. It is unrealistic to expect every person with access to your data not to make changes that effect quality or the ability to use the data without great efforts to clean and format first. This becomes especially arduous when the data volumes are large. We can manage all of this with ease.

We are familiar with pinpointing the key issues promptly and translating this into a recommendation for cleansing and maintaining your data. We initially review and evaluate the overall volume and health of your data. From this we will provide you with options to clean and maintain quality, as well as discuss using your perfectly prepared data to achieve brilliant results for your business.

About Us

Collectively Q-Data has over forty years experience working in Management, Business Development, Project Management, Technology, Data Management, and Digital Marketing for both small companies and large, FTSE 100 corporations. Our focus and emphasis is always about quality, hence the ‘Q’ in Q-Data.