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Data Driven Marketing

No need to reinvent the wheel. We have a unique insight into what methods and strategies are effective across a wide range of audiences.

It is obvious but often overlooked that if you use poor quality data sales and marketing results suffer. By untangling your data first and formatting it correctly, marketing costs are reduced and results from your campaigns are increased. Even simple errors in your data once corrected make a huge difference.

All the data we use for marketing campaigns is diligently cleaned first. We have developed a process whereby data goes through 3 stages of cleaning, with statistics recorded at the end of each stage. For opt-out lists we manage, we ensure their numbers are not included. At the end of our process, we have a concentrated list of usable contact data.

Texting (SMS) is a direct, effective and proven method of communication. However, the platform alone (even those with data validation bells and whistles) are not enough. Technology, regardless of how advanced, cannot see the logic in a dataset. It will likely miss a mobile phone number in a postcode column, or a surname in a firstname column. As personalisation of text messages grows, this is especially important. We have invested the time and effort for you already by cherry picking the best technology tools, and combining this with our own best practise.

Email is still extremely popular and widely used as a marketing channel. But there is a snag. It is well-known emails arrive in cluttered inboxes and are ignored or forgotten. There are ways to mitigate this, and reinforce your email campaigns.

Direct mail and digital print also deliver results, if the cost benefit analysis is considered upfront. All methods of marketing should harmonise together.

We can advise you on acquiring new data, and the appropriate use of this for your campaigns.

Whatever marketing initaive you deploy, you need data. Whether you are using legacy data, live data, or brand new data, you need it to be prepared and used appropriately. Q-Data can manage all of this for you.

About Us

Collectively Q-Data has over forty years experience working in Management, Business Development, Project Management, Technology, Data Management, and Digital Marketing for both small companies and large, FTSE 100 corporations. Our focus and emphasis is always about quality, hence the ‘Q’ in Q-Data.