Collectively we have over 50 years experience working with start-ups, established companies, and large, FTSE 100 corporations.

Our wealth of experience makes what we offer very unique and adds immediate value to your business.

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Collectively Q-Data has over fifty years experience working as Board Members, Directors, Managers, Consultants, plus various other positions throughout vibrant professional careers. We have worked in Project Management, Engineering, Technology, Business Development, Data Management, Digital Marketing, Publishing, and even Theatre. Our focus and emphasis is always about quality, hence the ‘Q’ in Q-Data.

At Q-Data we have carved a special niche working with leisure, sport, and theatre. Data and effective campaign management is integral to these fast paced sectors operating in highly competitive markets. Our approach nurtures customer loyalty and generates brand new business.

Q-Data originally evolved from a demand for our consultancy services, managing poor quality data and transforming it into ‘digital gold dust’. This then shone a light on the opportunity to offer fully managed digital campaigns as a service, using perfectly primed data.

Our services have evolved to embrace GDPR. We welcomed the changes in law, and have embedded these into our offering. No other individual or company has the unique birds-eye view we have, or the analysis data we hold. Rather than keep hold of it, we share it through our campaigns, training, and consultancy