Compliant, reliable data must be at the forefront of any campaign strategy. Many companies fail to even consider this.

We know how important this is but also how it effects brand integrity and sales results.

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Quality Data

Without reliable data, sales or marketing campaigns are set to either fail and/or be non-compliant with the law. Many companies choose to take their chances and use it anyway, preferring to put a quick sale over the integrity of their customer database. This will always, at some point, back-fire.

It is obvious but by untangling your data first and formatting it correctly, marketing costs are reduced and results from your campaigns are increased. Even simple errors in your data once corrected make a huge difference.

All the data we use for marketing campaigns is diligently cleaned first. We have developed a process whereby data goes through various stages of cleaning, with statistics recorded at the end of each stage. We manage opt-out data to ensure it can be referenced when needed, but also automatically de-duped from any future campaign.

Furthermore, our governance and underpinning methodologies in relation to GDPR are stringent. We take our role as Data Processor seriously, and have robust processes built into our internal systems to ensure compliance is always first and foremost.

We work with companies to strengthen their own compliance, improve their own system data, and ensure they have the best-practise in place within their organisation.

We even work with some of our customers in a more technical capacity, for example to support them with defining report specifications from their source CRM systems and relating this to their marketing plans.

Or we could be training a team of sales people. Either way, we would be referring to data in some way. It goes back to why we set our company up in the first place: Quality Data

When you have pure, managed, quality, compliant data you can literally turn it into sales and marketing magic. We can tell you and show you how.

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