A seed will stay a seed unless planted. The same is true of a lead if a sales person doesn't do anything with it.

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Sales Impact

Leads are real people. If they are not responded to, their engagement will go from lukewarm to cold. This doesn't just impact on sales figures, but also brand loyalty and reputation. However, poorly nurtured leads aren't the only reason why sales figures or people simply don't perform as well as they could.

There may be quick-wins that make a significant difference to how sales people and marketing campaigns perform. We often run workshops to facilitate management and team sessions, to drill-down into the mechanics. We often use data-driven campaign results to support and challenge what emerges from theses sessions.

We also conduct reviews of sales teams posing as external customers. The questions and "stress-tests" we focus on are deliberate and targeted, designed to feed into a meaningful assessment. We complete these assessments either as standalone, or as part of our training packages. This area has grown organically due to demand for this type of high value feedback. We use this information to compliment the campaigns we run, the bespoke consultancy work we offer, and the training we provide.

Our training programme has been developed to be universally suitable for any sales environment, however we customise for each and every client. Feedback from training participants consistently rates our training experience over 97% against objectives, course content and how engagement (how much fun they had). The cherry on the cake however is the uplift in sales results we've been able to measure after training.

Training isn't the only ingredient needed to make an impact on sales.

Often support is needed to develop marketing plans, sales and lead generation strategies, create sales processes and governance to underpin sales team and management. We work to develop communication plans, to ensure tasks don't fail. Our ethos is to create clean, simple ways of working that demystify confusion and gets everyone on the same page. The impact? Strong, healthy sales and loyal, happy customers.

About Us

Our combined knowledge and experience places us very uniquely and adds immediate value to your business. We also understand your success reflects on our success, so we go the extra mile.